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No-Show Horse Show

Donate $100 or more and get the NSHS 2020 mini-poster and a bag of fun things!

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We all wanted a horse show this year. So many events have been cancelled, and we all miss the connections and excitement of hundreds of horses, riders, and trainers coming together to compete and celebrate the sport. Unfortunately, the regulations surrounding COVID-19 stand in the way of these events, along with so many other joys we have all had to forego. J Bar J Youth Services lost their largest fundraiser this year, the Oregon High Desert Classics, the cancellation of this event was a painful loss.

This is the second of our three annual events J Bar J Youth Services will have cancelled, and by far the largest. Bowl for Kids’ Sake was also cancelled in May, a primary fundraiser for J Bar J’s Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon program. It is still unknown if we will be able to hold Comedy for Kids’ Sake in the fall. We are looking for help from sponsors and the community to bridge those losses. As always, all donations go directly to support J Bar J Youth Services and their many programs.

Until we can be together again, we've come up with a plan to keep the spirit of show competition alive! We at J Bar J Youth Services and Oregon High Desert Classics are creating an event to bring back some of those connections and that excitement, a No-Show Horse Show! A virtual event which will bring together exhibitors, trainers, and barns who are unable to compete in person this year. It is also a fun way to bridge the funding gap the loss of the Oregon High Desert Classics brings

Competitors can enter almost any event they want - the Grand Prix will be limited to riders at that level- including Gambler’s Choice and Ride, Drive, and Drink. Barns and riders will set up their own course at their own facilities, film their rounds, and post them on their social media tagging @OregonHighDesertClassics and using the hashtags #NoShowHorseShow and #EquestriansForYouth. Judges will watch and comment on the rounds. No medals will be awarded and no USEF points will be given. There will be no entry fees, although donations are appreciated. Those donating $100 or more will receive a copy of the No-Show Horse Show mini- poster, featuring artwork by Kimry Jelen, along with a bag of goodies.

Entries open July 1st, and the event will culminate on Saturday July 25th with a virtual Grand Prix event at 2:00 PM. We will live stream the NSHS Grand Prix on social media. The event will include several horses and riders who have graced our Grand Prix in the past, riding in their own courses. Look for details and rules on our website