Help build a boys future by providing vocational training for at risk youth at J Bar J Youth Programs image

Help build a boys future by providing vocational training for at risk youth at J Bar J Youth Programs

Help build resiliency and increase opportunities for employment for at risk youth by supporting a vocational progam at J Bar J

$25 raised

$10,000,000 goal

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Most of the boys arriving at J Bar J function academically below grade level on admission and progress two years before graduating the program. Academic advancement along with changing critical thinking errors is the emphasis of the program at J Bar J but the boys need more.

The future success of these youth depends on their ability to secure living wage jobs and unfortunately, many do not continue their education or receive vocational training. J Bar J is developing a Vocational Program to assure these youth are exposed to vocational possibilities, and receive some training before leaving J Bar J.

The Vocational Training Program being developed by J Bar J will provide hands-on technical skill building in Wood Working-Wood Shop, Auto & Small Engine repair, Culinary Arts, Technology Application design and general computer technology.

J Bar J is creating partnerships with local businesses to offer internships, apprenticeships, on the job training, and the coaches and mentors these boys need as they develop into men with marketable employment skills.

The Vocational Training Program will rely on funding from foundation grants, businesses, clubs & organizations like Rotary, individual community members, and J Bar J Alumni. We hope that you can join others to provide an avenue for young men to acquire skills that will allow them to earn a living wage, build a career, and create a life of purpose within their communities.

How Supporters can help:
Donations of Cash, products or services are needed.
Examples of Products; table saws, skill saws, tool belts, new to code lighting and plumbing fixtures.
Examples of Services; Plumbing, framing, finish work.
Please call Peggy Carey at 541-389-1409 for an updated donation list.

Learn more about our new vocational school for adjudicated boys.